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Music by Augustina Unokiwedi Damasus - download »

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"The Coming" by Gillian Lawrence - download »


  1. Unokiedi Patrick. says:

    Great music, brings back childhood memories of growing up in the village, at Asaba, Delta state, southern part of Nigeria,reminds us of families, friends (past and present) and places. Good work Tina, keep the flag flying, we are proud of you

The sounds of locals

Local resident Gillian Lawrence returns from an Olympic Park tour to lyricise her view of locals’ reactions to the Olympic site rising in their neighbourhood, while Theatre Royal Stratford East volunteer Augustina Unokiwedi Damascus plays a song inspired by her Nigerian heritage. Once the Games are over the site will revert to local use, creating a new corner of east London that mixes the urban with the green.

Dawn Redwood, Metasequoia

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Dawn Redwood Metasequoia