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Track 1

Lance Forman talks about the history of smoked salmon in east London - download »

Track 2

Recording of ice cream vans in their storage yard on Monier Road - download »

Track 3

"Leaning on a Lamp Post" by members of the Eton Manor Association, recorded in 2011 - download »

Track 4

"Moorland- Rivers in Seas" by local resident Sandra K, using sounds recorded along the canal - download »

Canal sounds, salmon and a 99

Local resident Sandra K’s collage collated along the canal sews slices of east London life back together to provide an atmospheric backdrop to a canal side walk through history, while Lance Forman takes you back 100 years to the days when Scottish salmon started to be smoked in the area. Enjoy a Proustian rush from the sounds of the area’s ice cream vans, which are stored nearby.

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