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Track 1

"Dear Old Hackney Wick & Five Old Etonians" by members of the Eton Manor Association songs, recorded in 2011 - download »

Track 2

Local artist Abigail Thomas talks about having a studio in Hackney Wick - download »

Track 3

Riseholme Street, by Fred Spencer, secretary of the Eton Manor Association - download »

Track 4

A recording of Quadroprint printers in Hamlet Industrial Centre. - download »

Track 5

An extract from Imagine you are Everyone by Stewart Melton, recorded in the Yard Theatre, Queens Yard, E9 in 2011 - download »

Printworks, artworks and raves

Sitting in the shadow of the Olympic site, Hackney Wick is a kind of no man’s land where residential streets and industrial works mix with artists’ studios as well as empty warehouses and raves. Fred Spencer takes you on a historic tour of the Eton Manor clubhouse, and we learn about the eerie world that artists inhabit in the Wick. Dear Old Hackney Wick from the Eton Manor Association shows the pride the area once evoked.

Turkish Hazel Corylus Colurna

Turkish Hazel Corylus Colurna